World Donkey Day

Happy Donkey Day people. Best known as the loveable but sassy side kick to the large, grumpy ogre. These hoofed animals sure make you want to delve into the obsession that is all things Donkey. Top things you should know about donkey Donkeys are not Asses. Taxonomy can be confusing, very confusing such is the... Continue Reading →

An ecological nightmare: how chemical pollution is killing our rivers.

The government yesterday announced new plans to improve the environment in 25 years. Past governments have signed agreements to improve our environment, created directives to set out steps to protect and mitigate, yet we are in an environmental crisis like no other.In 2021 The Rivers Trust published a report talking about the cause of our... Continue Reading →

Happy 2021!

This is just a short message to say a Happy New Years to all of my followers and readers. Thank you all for reading, liking and sharing my blog posts.I am extremely happy that whilst my following isn't huge, I have still made a small difference. I hope your Christmas and New Years were happy,... Continue Reading →

Invasion of the Microplastics.

These past few weeks I have been creating my survey questions so I can get some feedback, support and a consensus on the general ‘feeling’ surrounding my safe water space project - of course I hope this is successful. I first wrote about the project here . You should definitely read that before you continue... Continue Reading →

World Lion Day

Lets celebrate by talking about the most well known feline - the African lion! We all know what lions are. They are big, look cuddly but would rip your face off, but we adore them, just like their tiny cousins - the house cat. What is their average life span? In the wild the typical... Continue Reading →

Content. Content. Content.

Lately I have been thinking about the content I have been putting out. I haven't been the most consistent of bloggers which is down to so many factors, but I want to make a change. Thats why I decided to switch blog platforms. I was with Squarespace, and I cannot fault them on too much... Continue Reading →

Looking beyond the rose tinted view

PART ONE I live in a little town located between Sheffield and Manchester.It is a diverse area filled with art, music and a great food scene. Surrounding us are green hills and rolling moorland with amazing walking trails. Behind this rosey, tranquil view, lurks a horrible monster. POLLUTION. The fly tipping, litter and other sources... Continue Reading →

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